Our Vendors

Mobile Tracking is proud to represent the following list of vendors for your review.

It takes years of dedication and customer loyalty to establish such a fine collection of fleet tracking, trailer tracking, asset tracking, and in-vehicle camera products and services for your business. Enjoy, and let us know if we can answer any questions you may have.

GPS Insight: www.gpsinsight.com. Unmatched scalability, unlimited historical data, top customer service, able to deactivate and reactivate GPS devices at no charge. Over 100,000 GPS devices sold. Remote engine diagnostics, driver behavior scorecards, custom map views, fuel card integration, maintenance logs, and much more.

EZ Fleet Tracking: www.ezfleettracking.com. EZFLEET by Global Cloud Fleet has the combined experience and leadership to foster an incredible service and overall customer value. The EZFLEET service enables business owners and Fleet Managers to locate and recover their vehicles with live, real-time tracking, and provides stop verification, enabling them to determine potential locations for their vehicles.

VeriEye Technologies: VerifEye Technologies: www.verifeye.com. In-vehicle camera systems for all of your over the road logistics peace of mind. Cloud connected mobile video for portability and mobility. Real time video capture with over the air mobile video data.

Spireonwww.spireon.com. GPS vehicle tracking and fleet tracking solutions provider with over 2.4 million subscribers and counting. Protecting your most valuable assets 24/7.

Navman Wireless: www.navmanwireless.com. Top of the line fleet tracking products designed for larger fleets wanting the very best in dispatching, routing, navigation, and more. Electronic Driver Logs (ELD’s), Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports DVIR), and Hours of Service (HOS). FMCSA Compliant.

Networkfleet: www.networkfleet.com. Incredible fleet tracking system designed for larger commercial fleets interested in remote engine diagnostics and fleet maintenance.