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VerifEye Technologies: In-vehicle camera systems for all of your over the road logistics peace of mind. Cloud connected mobile video for portability and mobility. Real time video capture with over the air mobile video data and live streaming.


The most powerful vehicle monitoring system available today.

More than 90% of all collisions involve driver error. iDrive is the risk management solution that focus’ on driver and driver behavior in traffic offering full visibility: video with sound (both inside and outside the vehicle), speed, and location. The iDrive Monitoring Systems helps fleets identifying risky driving behavior that poses a threat to the safety of drivers, passengers, and other traffic participants.

iDrive is a professional dual camera device which captures high definition video of the front and rear of the vehicle. The device records when an event occurs, including: accidents, aggressive driving behavior, door open, and alarm or panic (after pressing the special design panic button). The iDrive device is designed to be mounted to the windshield behind the rear view mirror. The system automatically switches to infrared night vision to record videos at night.

The events / videos are stored on internal memory (4GB up to 32GB) together with other information like GPS coordinates, date, time and more, all collected from the device. A high technology GPS receiver records location coordinates and speed information during an event, or at a specific time interval when the Tracking System Service is active.

The collected data is transferred to the Base Station using wireless (WiFi) or USB. An internal accelerometer along with other sensors and a GPS module can detect: aggressive driving behavior, accidents, speed and more. Exceptional forces such as hard braking, swerving, collision, etc. cause the recorder to save critical seconds of audio and video footage immediately before and after the triggered event. Information automatically wirelessly downloads to a dedicated Base Station.

The iDrive Control Center’s powerful software provides fleet managers a perfect view inside their fleets. Included is a Transfer Application Tool for communication between the iDrive dual camera device and the computer using WiFi or USB, a database manager for videos, and a player that synchronizes the videos. The player also allows the user to zoom, pan, advance frame by frame, expand video full size, view as full screen, and save frame as an image. Also, no unauthorized user can access the software without a username and a password.


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