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Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services can best be described as a group of manufacturer’s representatives providing products and services to companies that are concerned about improving the way they manage and track their mobile assets. Because we represent a number of different companies in the GPS tracking industry, we are able to provide you with the very best solution designed specifically for your business and your budget. We listen to your concerns for implementing an asset tracking system, your system requirements, your short and long terms goals and your expectations. Only after a full understanding of all of your needs do we make a recommendation of which tracking solution will work best for you.

GPS tracking systems are not just Big Brother anymore. These systems can often help you reduce operating expenses, reduce fuel costs, improve driver habits, increase billable services, lower insurance premiums, improve customer service, improve fleet accountability, and reduce vehicle repair costs. In many cases, GPS technology can be used for dispatching, routing, navigation, work order management, driver safety programs, fleet maintenance, telematics, remote engine diagnostics, SMOG compliance, vehicle theft, time cards, fuel consumption, and much more.

With offices in Murrieta, CA and Las Vegas, NV we also serve the following areas:

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Products & Services

Our main areas of focus are:

 [+]  Fleet Tracking
 [+]  Trailer Tracking
 [+]  Asset Tracking
 [+]  Personal Tracking
 [+]  Camera Systems

Our Employees

We are dealers for a wide variety of fleet tracking and trailer tracking products to help you manage your mobile assets. This is our 18th year in business helping companies like yours improve risk management at all levels. When it comes to managing your mobile assets, be it employees, commercial fleets, trailers, or heavy equipment, we can help.

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Our Customers

Most of our customers have commercial fleets ranging from 5 to 500 vehicles. In addition, they often have a variety of heavy equipment, such as: forklifts, backhoes, portable generators, and portable welders. Many customers also have trailers and motorsports equipment, such as: ATV's and flat bed trailers, and over the road trailers. Fleet tracking and trailer tracking is an important part of their asset and risk management team.

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Our Services

Fleet tracking and trailer tracking is our specialty. As such, we provide a number of different GPS products and services from a wide range of vendors, each of whom have their own market niche. We are your first line of defense when it comes to sales, service, and technical support.

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